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Digitization and Data Conversion

The solution of Digitizing and converting data from paper documents into electronic data has been developed by CMC TS to help banks eliminate difficulties in storing and processing a large amount of information.

There are many benefits to having business data in electronic form. With CMC TS Digitization and Data Conversion service, electronic data can be accessed online, from a secure server via the internet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Key Functions
  • Data digitization service: For documents, paper records CMC TS has Scanning, Photographic, and data conversion services. Systems can be implemented to ensure that all paper prints to the CMC TS data digitization system are immediately captured and converted into electronic data. This data can then be stored on any media storage device the customer wants.
  • Data conversion service: CMC TS provides Data Conversion service using Optical and Intelligent Character Recognition software (OCR and ICR) during capture and scan, images can be transferred. into meaningful data.
  • Specifically: provide editing / design tools that allow users without technical knowledge (non-technical) to be usable, ensure scan quality, support a wide range of scanners, and support tool to develop new business process flows, allowing support for different input standards
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Ngân hàng Đầu tư và Phát triển Việt Nam (BIDV)
Ngân hàng Đầu tư và Phát triển Việt Nam (BIDV)

What is data digitization?

Digitizing data is the process of converting traditional forms of data such as manuscripts, paper prints, images, etc. to standardized data on electronic media and being recognized by such means.

What is Data conversion?

Data conversion is the conversion of paper documents such as catalogs, yearbooks, contacts, advertisements, books, newspapers, magazines ... or other types of documents such as text, images, electronic files. which media can identify and edit.

Why should you use this solution?

With the Digitization and Data Conversion Service of CMC TS, electronic data can be accessed online, from a secure server via the internet, every 24 hours. days, 7 days a week. Customer business information needs to be available. Information in the form of electronic data will help extend the storage life compared to traditional methods.