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Credit Information Center CIC

Credit Information Center (CIC) focuses on systemic risk management and is used as a tool for the credit management and analysis activities in accordance with international practices.
Highlight Features

CIC serves a variety of purposes such as

  • Gathering information to reach and screen new customers
  • Proposing - evaluating - approving the credit extension plan for each customer
  • Cross-check input / output / 3rd party partners involved in the credit option
  • Credit supervision
  • Building data warehouse for research reports
  • Analyze periodically / irregularly, serving various credit management objectives, including: Managing by Customers, by industries, by geographic areas ...

  • Cost savings: on the basis of reducing the number of duplicate questionnaires and discounting when buying records in bulk.
  • Reduce time to provide services to customers: On the basis of saving time drafting questionnaires and waiting for results, connecting directly and automatically synchronizing CIC information into drafting records to ensure accuracy correct, up to date information.
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