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CMC Picture Archiving and Communication System C-PACS

CMC Picture Archiving and Communication System C-PAC allows storing, managing, linking, sharing and displaying images in medical activities and medical examination and treatment.

The system allows minimizing traditional film printing at medical facilities, improving the ability to store, retrieve and share projected images between departments or between medical facilities. The system provides good processing capability for the DICOM standard medical image data format (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine), which is a standard format exported from different medical devices, for example such as ultrasound (US), magnetic resonance (MR), nuclear imaging, positron emission tomography (PET), computerized tomography (CT), endoscopy (ES), mammography (MG) , digital radiography (DR), radiography (CR), histopathology, ophthalmology, etc. In addition, the system also supports other image standards such as JPEG, TIF, PDF, ...

Highlight Features

The system is deployed on a device infrastructure including high-performance servers, high-capacity storage cabinets, taking into account the high availability, and applying a backup solution. to ensure data safety when something goes wrong. CMC is ready to provide the system to the Investor in many different ways:

  • Investors invest in procurement of equipment infrastructure according to the recommendations of CMC; CMC provides software copyright services; installation and deployment; customized software according to extended, specific business requirements; User training; ..
  • The investor sub-packages the C-PACS system of CMC to operate, exploit and use (CMC will invest in advance the entire cost of equipment infrastructure, software copyright; installation and deployment; customized software for extended, specific business requirements; user training; ..)

Key Functions

The main functional modules of the system include:

  • Image storage module
  • DICOM photo reading and printing module
  • The module connects to other systems, such as HIS (Hospital Information System), EMR (Electronic Medical Record), RIS (Radiology Information System), etc.
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