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Business Intelligence BI

CMC TS is the official distributor of Business Intelligence (BI) software in Vietnam. Cognos 8 BI is capable of analyzing large amounts of data, creating reports, giving the most comprehensive view of business operations for businesses.
  • Cognos is the world's leading provider of Business Intelligence (BI) software solutions and business planning, helping businesses manage and improve the efficiency of their overall operations.
  • Business Intelligence (BI) is a product of Cognos, helping to turn the data that businesses collect and store into useful information for daily business activities.
  • Unlike most products currently on the market, Cognos 8 BI provides all the BI features in a single product with a unified structure, not only providing the full range of BI features. Each of these features is of outstanding quality when compared to similar products.
  • CMC TS is the official distributor of COGNOS in Vietnam.
Highlight Features
  • Simple: Easy to use, easy to deploy & manage
  • Complete:
    • Provide all BI features such as reports, analysis, dashboards, scorecarding ... in a single product.
    • Meet the needs of all user objects (senior management, managers, employees ...)
    • Allows extraction of information from all data sources
  • Well-known technology has been confirmed on quality from leading vendors in the field of BI.

Key Functions
  • Reporting and Analysis: Ready to create all types of reports for all users, meeting the needs of reporting, the interface changes according to the level of user authorization, block analysis Huge amount of data covers the entire business.
  • Measurement and evaluation of operational efficiency: Linking the actual action with the strategy through metrics, strategic maps to adjust the planning for overall business operation management.
  • Dashboards: Provides an overview of business operations through reports, maps, charts, scorecards to shorten the waiting time for decision making.
  • Event Management: For each event from start to finish, the tool helps ensure that all members and the system perform the necessary operations at the right time.

  • Reduce the time spent setting up report types to serve all users.
  • Quickly, easily analyze large volumes of data, find answers to business problems.
  • Measure and evaluate the effectiveness of business operations, understand the causes of problems, and get access to the specific person responsible.
  • Support different administration methods
  • Shorten the time to perform each event and keep track of important events
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Why our company shoud use this software?

Cognos 8 BI helps turn the data that businesses collect and store into useful information for everyday business. With analytical information available at any time, businesses have a better and more reliable basis for making timely and sound business decisions.
Cognos 8 BI, not only helps stop at capturing "How" but also helps businesses understand the "Why" element behind the ongoing business activities in their businesses.

Outstanding features of this software compared to other similar software?

Unlike most of the existing products on the market that only offer a separate BI feature or simply integrate discrete features from different products, Cognos 8 BI offers a full range of features. BI features in a single product built on a unified structure. It also shares common framework services such as security, metadata (metadata), and user portal (access port for users).

What reports can be analyzed and produced?

Meet all the needs of reporting - management, initialization, query on demand, personalization. Support for all operating systems, OLAP, and bidirectional and multidimensional data sources. Allows display reports in the desired format (Email, HTML, PDF, Microsoft Excel, CSV’s, XML).
Drag and drop data elements, format, choose to expand the report operation depending on the level of decentralization of the user, helping to reduce the pressure for the IT department in creating reports and reducing backlogs in reporting activities.

Who is involved in using this software?

Everyone in the business can join to use this software: employees, managers, senior managers, ...

Does this software have beta-version?

CMC TS does not support the beta version of BI software.