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Archives Management System C-Archive

CMC Archives Management System C-Archive allows the unit to retain documents that are originals and originals, which is the basis for confirming the incident and has a very high legal value, allowing for quick Search, use as needed for daily work.

The system effectively assists clerical archives in organizing, preserving and archiving documents in a scientific, systematic and convenient way for searching original documents. provide information and promote the value of the original documents stored in actual operations, solve daily tasks.

Highlight Features

The system is deployed on a device infrastructure including high-performance servers, high-capacity storage cabinets, taking into account the high availability (HA - High Availability), and applying a backup solution. to ensure data safety when something goes wrong. CMC is ready to provide the system to the Investor in many different ways:

  • Investors invest in procurement of equipment infrastructure according to the recommendations of CMC; CMC provides software copyright services; installation and deployment; customized software according to extended, specific business requirements; User training; ..
  • The investor sub-packages the C-Archive system of CMC to operate, exploit and use (CMC will invest in advance the entire cost of equipment infrastructure, software copyright; installation and deployment; customization software for extended, specific business requirements; user training; ..)

Key Functions

The main functional modules of the system include:

  • Collecting module
  • Preservation module
  • The repository module
  • Document editing module
  • Editorial module
  • Online search module
  • Subsystem classification and valuation of documents
  • Additional modules archives
  • Circulation module
  • Report module
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