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ERP SAP Business ByDesign

SAP® Business ByDesign ™ is the most complete solution designed to meet the needs of small and medium businesses.

SAP® Business ByDesign ™ solution is the most complete and custom-designed solution for small and medium businesses. This solution meets all your business needs, allows you to adapt and respond quickly to any change in your business. In addition, SAP® Business ByDesign ™ is personalized to each user based on roles and experiences to improve labor productivity.

Highlight Features
  • Run an entire business based on a single, comprehensive solution.
  • Cloud computing technology platform helps optimize initial investment costs.
  • Ability to flexibly adjust according to the size and characteristics of each business.
  • Simple interface, easy to use.
  • There are more than 40 processes available in the system.
  • The system operates as standard.
    • ISO / IEC 9001 for quality management systems.
    • ISO / IEC 27001 for information security management systems.
    • ISO / IEC 22301 provides for system continuity and business sustainability.

Key Functions

4.1 Financial management
SAP Business ByDesign solution enables businesses to manage all transactions related to accounting and cash flow management.

4.2 Customer relationship management (CRM)

SAP® Business ByDesign ™ supports comprehensive and flexible customer relationship management processes, helping businesses seize opportunities, maximize customer satisfaction, track sales, control costs through through marketing operations management, sales management, and after-sales service management.

4.3 Human resource management (HR)

Ensure effective human resource operations and maximize the potential of employees. Human resource management adapts to the changing needs of businesses by adding, enhancing and automating processes, including workload management, employee management, and timekeeping. Each employee's personal portal is designed to suit the job function and the individual features to perform daily tasks.

4.4 Project management (PM)

Improve efficiency and transparency with project management with SAP Business ByDesign solution. Project managers can plan and track the project progress. Project departments can collaborate more easily through information sharing and workflow management through which the system makes it easy for businesses to control project information such as cost, labor, labor hours. , ...

4.5 Supplier relationship management (SRM)

SAP Business ByDesign solutions help businesses identify and manage the best suppliers and services. SAP Business ByDesign helps businesses closely manage orders and invoices as well as purchase requests of the organization and each individual.

4.6 Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Building an effective supply chain network to respond quickly to market changes. SAP Business ByDesign allows businesses to forecast demand and manage supplies in the most optimal way. Establishing and implementing a flexible and transparent supply chain model, offering a comprehensive view to match the products and business models of the business.

  • Save time, effort.
  • Improve labor productivity to maximize profits.
  • Help businesses have a comprehensive and insightful look, support to make better decisions.
  • Make the most of partner resources and customer network.
  • Access reliable information
  • Avoid duplication of information entered into the system
  • Easily adapt when changing processes
  • Easy to expand features when required
  • Partners easily participate in the company's operations chain
  • Easy access to global market
  • E-commerce, Cooperative culture
  • Add new and improve the process
  • Receive feedback from customers
  • Improve supply capacity
  • The integration of information between departments in the enterprise
  • Improve business planning and analysis
  • Support for quick decision making
  • Standardize business processes, globalize
  • Using the most advanced technology
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